A downloadable experience for Windows and macOS

Temporal is an emotionally-driven adventure game that delves into the human struggle with anxiety.  Relive the past and learn acceptance through responsive rhythmic poetry.

**Note: The prototype is designed to be played with a Playstation Controller. If you are playing on keyboard substitute Space for X, Left Arrow for LT and E for Circle.

Unboxed is a new independent games studio, working to bring emotional experiences that resonate with players on a personal level. 

Feel free to download the prototype and experience it for yourself and be sure to let us know what you think as any feedback is welcome!


Temporal-Windows64.zip 426 MB
Temporal-Mac.zip 469 MB


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The game is really good i liked graphics and mechanics it's different idea too rated 5/5 :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks for playing GPHOBIA! Looks like you got the hang of the mechanic quite well. Do you have any feedback in regards to the feel of the game? Did you understand the mechanic and the story? What would you change?


I'm glad you liked it :D  , i actually like the game as it is, mechanics and story are good i liked the light mechanics how you change between platforms create platforms and paths it's great idea that i found in temporal .